Friday, December 21, 2012


I'm a big time Les Edgerton fan and my 12 year old daughter knows it. When she sees a new Edgerton book on my shelf or tablet, she always asks, "can I read that?" and my answer is always "No!" Imagine my excitement that Les Edgerton has put out a book I can say "Yes!" to.
Les' straightforward, `take no prisoners' style shines through in Mirror, Mirror and it serves him well, making this book an easy and enjoyable read. The plot moves well and keeps you engaged and is suspenseful enough to keep the story exciting. It's laugh out loud funny and keeps you guessing...

If you're a fan of Les Edgerton, or if you're looking for a good, clean read for your kids,you won't be disappointed.
The BEST part is that you can buy this great book for only $2.99! Here's the link:
Give the young reader in your life something great this Christmas!

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  1. Thanks, Maegan! Unfortunately, yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon our power went off and I was without a computer (or heat!) until late last night when it finally came back on. So, I was unable to alert friends about the sale. Thanks to you and a few others, the word got out and it looks like it did well. I appreciate your helping me out! It's now back to its regular price at $2.99 and that's still a decent price I feel. If you missed out yesterday, you can still buy a copy for a gift and have it delivered on Christmas Day. Again, thank you!